aloe story

Aloe is on the mission to plant and grow e-bikes in hospitality.

Global tourism has seen an increasing demand for a more sustainable mode of travel. Guests are also actively looking for transport that can enable a more local way to explore the city.

why aloe?

1. Hotel guests are asking for it.


Global travellers are paying an increasing amount of attention to the sustainability aspect of their trips. They also want to have a mode of transport that enables them to explore the destination as locals in a sustainable and joyful way. 

(Sustainable Travel Report,

2. Hotels seek new revenue.


Non-room revenue has become the new battle field for hotels to gain competitive advantages to increase the profitability. 77% of the hotel executives surveyed by Oracle agreed that they are exploring new opportunities to grow service revenue to supplement business from unsold rooms. 

(Getting Smarter and More Profitable, Oracle)

3. Booking platforms are pushing it.


On hotel booking platforms, being recognised as a travel sustainable property enables being prioritised in search result. E-biking rental helps hotels to click the box. Besides, unique experience such e-cycling are more likely to prompt guests to write a positive review compared to other ordinary services offered.

who are we?

Since 2022, our customers have been telling us one thing: they are frustrated that they cannot bring their beloved e-bikes with them to summer vacations and getaway trips.

ALOE was born out of this.

Having been in the electric mobility industry for years, our team has seen great progress in democratising e-bikes with pushes from both governments and an ever emerging customer demand. But all this is limited to where our routine life ends. People can’t bring their e-bikes on the plane although cycling around a resort or by the beach is what everyone has dreamed of.

We then started talking with our industry friends and our new pals in hospitality. They are as eager as us to close this gap. After connecting the dots from different stakeholders, we packed every resource we have and launched ALOE. 

We love simple things. One thing we agreed upon to never do is to give hotels and B&B what requires extra complexity and energy. ALOE is thus a plug-and-play. It is simple and flexible. We give extra room to our partners to explore the guest demand together with us. We also believe that a sustainable project is one with a strong business model. ALOE all-in-one package is thus designed to secure short-term cash flow and avoid locking big investment. You probably have told some hints from what you read here,

but let’s have a chat and coffee on us ☕️!

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