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Aloe Logo Green

A plug-and-play ebike solution for hotels and more.


aloe was born to solve two problems

1. Tourists feel frustrated to look for eco-friendly transport such as e-bikes which allows them to explore the destination like locals.

2. Hotels today find it hard to elevate the guest experience and increase non-room revenue.

aloe offer

We are not here to sell e-bikes. Instead, we offer an all-in-one e-bike service package. This package includes brandable premium e-bikes and a series of services that facilitate the elevation of guest experience.

easy, simple, carefree


Our brand's e-bikes embody a seamless blend of elegant design and technical prowess. The V-Framed Gravity Grey design, coupled with the high-performance premium chain drive, creates a sophisticated aesthetic and an elevated riding experience.

guest booking platform

We offer an online e-bike booking system that allows your guests to reserve their bikes before their stay, making the process paper-free, saving time and resources for your team. You will also receive monthly performance reports to help optimize the process.

full service package

ALOE partners with workshops to provide worry-free customer service. This includes insurance coverage, maintenance support, marketing assistance, and training for hotel staff.

a joyful, carefree and eco journey.

answer your questions

Our ALOE package is essentially a holistic e-bike service package. In this package, we offer a holistic series of services including an online guest booking platform, maintenance, insurance, customer service and marketing support. Of course, in the center of this offer sit our e-bikes that will be placed in your hotel lobby from the day one.

We want to be as flexible as possible. You can start with a minimum signing period of one month, which is significantly shorter than similar services in the industry.

It takes no time for us from signing the contract to shipping the e-bikes to your hotels. The delivery usually takes around 10 working days. ALOE team will also kick off the onboarding of services during this delivery period.

We travelled across Europe to find the most fitting e-bikes for hospitality. Our primary objective was to locate the optimal pedalling system to ensure an enjoyable and effortless experience for your guests. All our e-bikes are assembled and tuned in Europe under the strictest safety and control process, guaranteeing quality and compliance with regulations thanks to all the necessary certifications.

To further expand our offer, ALOE also provides electronic motors and scooters upon request.

No. We can even start with one bike if you want!

You can enter our Contact Us page on the website or shoot us an email at Our area manager will get in touch within 3 days.

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